SME Internet advertising Package


Small and medium enterprises (SME) are expected to utilize the internet as new strategy to drive their business growth and to expand the business, more and more.

You don’t have to be Toyota, Marriott or Acer to advertise on SNN. Our starter package is very reasonably priced at $99, with a trial offer that includes 5 SEO smart links in all our websites.

There are several ways for you to approach your internet marketing strategy. The benefits and long term online advertising advantages,  can be the single most effective advertising and marketing campaign hands down when compared to conventional advertising or marketing strategies. It is also a relatively even playing field, so even if you are small to medium business or company, you can still compete with national or international household names.

SNN have developed a global network of web sites, to give you the opportunity to test different internet marketing strategies, so hopefully you can ascertain which is the best form of online advertising and best effective for your company or business. Which ever method of online marketing you opt for, be it search engine optimisation, banner advertising, link building or article publishing, SNN can tailor an internet advertising package to suit your needs and budget.


  1. All great questions. Many people do not know where to start when it comes to an online home based business. Making your business successful will depend on which business model you choose. If you already have a niche, or product in mind then you will have a lot of work to do. Product creation is just the beginning. Website development, sales copy, product fulfillment, customer service, and returns are all realities to be dealt with. I will tell you the easiest way to start an online business is through affiliate programs. The best part of affiliate programs is that you do not have to worry about any of these aspects. The site, sales copy, product fulfillment, customer service, and any and all returns are all handled by the owner.
    Yet you will receive a healthy commission, as much as 75% of the sales price, for being the proverbial middle man. You will be learning about how the sales process works, so it is truly a earn as you learn way to get started. Once you become successful at affiliate marketing, you will have learned a great deal about all the aspects that are necessary to sell any product on the internet. You may even have generated enough income to outsource the whole product creation, site building, and sales copy process so that your own product has become funded through affiliate marketing. Many top internet business entrepreneurs got their start in affiliate marketing. I highly recommend it for anyone just starting out, as it is very low risk. A couple hours a day should be plenty of time to start out. Most people become infatuated at first, and spend more than that. Do some simple tasks consistently, do not get discouraged or distracted, don’t give up, continue to learn, and you should become successful.