Thailand Business News – Thailand’s Wellness tourism is up and coming


Overall, the wellness industry can be classified into 2 groups of health services: internal and external care. Internal care includes advice on nutrition, fitness and mind-body, personalized preventive care, food supplements and alternative medicine. External care is commonly seen in beauty and anti-aging businesses, spa services as well as wellness tourism.

Wellness tourism is up and coming according to the world’s recent tourism trend



  • As an important driver of Thailand’s tourism sector, wellness tourism is a star in tourism businesses with over 7% annual growth during 2013-2015. Its market is valued at 320 billion baht and ranked 13th in the world and 4th in Asia after China, Japan and India.
  • Thailand’s strength lies on its own resources that are perfectly fit with the trend on wellness tourism. These include nature, food, herbs, Thai traditional medicine, local sports, religions and tourism-friendly environment. In particular, high standard and quality in services give Thailand an important edge over other countries.
  • EIC sees that developments on new services can help raise competitiveness potential for businesses – for example, silent spa, spa for cancer patients and meditation studios. Such services aim to create new health-related experiences.
  • In fact, hotel businesses prove to be one of potential players to get into wellness tourism and cater their services towards different demand by various groups of tourists.


According to the forecast by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), beauty and anti-aging businesses take up the largest share of 26% of the market in 2015. However, their share is likely to fall to 22% in…

Thailand’s Wellness tourism is up and coming